openMind, 2/e


openMind, 2/e

CEF Level:Pre-A1/A1/A2/B1

Author:Mickey Rogers, Joanne Taylore-knowles, and Steve Taylore-knowles
Publisher:Macmillan (2014)

The key features of the series are:

  • Life Skills:Higher-order skills such as critical thinking, organizational, and learning skills that students need in order to be successful in their professional, academic, and everyday lives.
  • Language sub-skills with tips to support the development of the four language skill
  • Step-by-Step approach to grammar with grammar sections that provide a clear focus on the meaning, form, and function of the language.
  • Focus on functional language that helps learners improve their fluency and speaking skills.
  • Independent learning features throughout the course such as Notice!, Reflect and How are you doing? boxes that encourage learners to analyze their own progress.
  • A range of video material and related worksheets that support the themes and key language  from the Student's Book


English Skills with Readings, 9/e


English Skills with Readings,9/e

AuthorJohn Langan
PublisherMc-Graw Hill Higher Education (2014)

Price:NT$ 1,000

Grounded in John Langan's Four Bases - unity, coherence, sentence skills, and support - English Skills with Readings employs a unique personalised learning plan to address student deficits in grammar and mechanics and to free instructional time for activities emphasising writing process and critical thinking. English Skills with Readings features John Langan's trademark crystal - clear explanations, along with his range of motivating activities and writing assignments that reinforce the four bases of effective writing. The new edition adds a variety of exciting new features to John Langan's proven approach, and reinstates much-requested material from previous editions.

2014 東華ETA演講場次,歡迎參加!

2014 ETA展期中,我們推出場4場精彩的主題講座




2013 ETA 東華講座 第一場

講題What Your Students Should Know Before Taking YLE

日期/時間2014.11.14 (Fri.) 14:20~15:20

地點教學區 334教室

講者Sophia Liu

Whether you’re teachers who are preparing your students for Cambridge English: Young Learners or thinking about having your students take YLE, or you are parents whose child is taking YLE, come to this session as it is designed to help you help your students/child ace 13+ shields on the exams. With well-designed exam preparation materials and effective classroom activities, you can build the essential skills as well as self-confidence of your students/child.

2014 ETA 東華講座 第二場

講題Help Your Students Improve Their TOEIC Score

日期/時間2014.11.14 (Fri.) 16:40~17:40

地點教學區 325教室

講者 Celia Wigley

“Listening is really difficult for me. I just can’t understand everything that the speakers say.”

“I can’t always find important information in the reading passages.”

“My pronunciation is bad. I’m afraid that the test graders won’t even understand me during the Speaking Test!”

“My grammar and spelling are weak, so I’m afraid I’ll make a lot of mistakes in the Writing test.”

Are these comments that your students make? These are challenges that many students face when taking the TOEIC® Test. If you’d like to leave ETA ROC with some solutions to these challenges, then this talk is for you.

2014 ETA 東華講座 第三場

講題Motivating Young Learners with Lively Grammar Lessons

日期/時間2014.11.15 (Sat.) 15:30~16:30

地點: 教學區 334教室

講者: Jack Hsiao

How can we make grammar lessons more fun and engaging for our young learners? One way is to adopt a more inductive approach to teaching grammar. This will ensure that our learners are motivated to discover, form and use grammar through meaningful and interactive activities. Moreover, the use of authentic materials can motivate students to transfer their passive grammatical knowledge to active knowledge.

The session will look at how Grammar Goals a new series from Macmillan can help your learners to reach their goals in English learning. Participants will leave the session with practical and creative ideas about how to motivate young learners in grammar learning.

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