2016 Tung Hua Day

2016 Tung Hua Day

4/23 Taipei   4/24 Kaohsiung


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Academic Listening and Speaking


Academic Listening and Speaking


CEFR Level:High A2 / Low B1 / High B1

AuthorsAlastair Graham-Marr, Ben Tutcher
PublisherABAX ELT Publishers

Academic Listening and Speaking 1 is the first book in a three level series designed to help students develop the skills needed to use English in academic settings.

Students get practice developing listening skills, note-taking skills, summarizing and paraphrasing, all with a focus on critical thinking.

Introduces students to topics in the sciences, social sciences and the arts- readying them for study in an English academic setting.

  • Critical thinking: helps students approach topics critically by identifying support. seeing where doubt is cast and assessing what is presented. Students get practice assessing writer purpose, fact vs opinion, supporting evidence and other aspects of argumentation.
  • Summarizing and paraphrasing: Students get practice summarizing simple topics. In addition to presenting simple topics, students get practice explaining how separate texts are related to each other, learning how to explain how one text supports another, or how one text casts doubt on another.
  • Listening: Students will learn to comprehend naturally spoken English, Its weak forms and reductions. Each unit has a section of analytical listenings to help students understand the natural stress and rhythm of English-how vowels become weak, how sounds disappear, how sounds link together and so on.
  • Vocabulary: Students will learn useful words associated with each topic area. In addition, in each unit students get practice explaining what words mean, a useful communication strategy in an academic environment.
  • Note-taking: Students will develop their note-taking skills systematically by learning techniques for writing ideas down quickly.

Academic Listening and Speaking-a bridge into the world of study through English.


Pathway to Grammar


Pathway to Grammar


Cambridge Young Learners:Starters / Movers / Flyers

AuthorsNoelle Child
PublisherRichmond Publishing

Pathway to Grammar is a six-level course for primary schools. It helps students review and practice the grammar and vocabulary needed for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (Starters, Movers, Flyers), the Cambridge Key for Schools (KET) test, and the TOEFL Primary exam.

Pathway to Grammar is also a supplementary resource that can be used alongside any textbook to consolidate and enrich vocabulary and grammar instruction, including for groups not preparing for certification.

Key Features

  • Comics to introduce new grammar
  • A step-by-step approach to teaching grammar
  • Vocabulary from the standardized tests
  • Activities that foster critical thinking skills
  • Let’s talk! pages to develop functional language
  • Let’s sing! pages with songs and raes for additional practice


  • Student Book with Audio CD
  • Teacher’s Booklet


KK for Kids 2, 3/e


KK for Kids 2, 3/e (with CDs/2片)


Price:NT$ 270


KK for Kid 共分1、2兩冊,是一套專為英語發音初學者所精心設計的教材




Progress 英語學習成效評量平台

Progress 英語學習成效評量Progress

Assessment for improvement


Progress 是一套專為亞洲英語學習者研發設計的線上評量


Key Features:

  • 以GSE (Global Scale of English) 為衡量指標,細分為6個級數。

  • 每個帳號包含3次,可供學前、中、後的測驗。

  • 完全線上的適性測驗 (adaptive),提供最接近學生程度的考題。

  • 龐大的考題資料庫,不需擔心試題重覆。


Essentials of Business Communication, 3/e

2016年新書推薦~Essentails of Business Communication 3ed

Essentials of Business Communication, 3/e

AuthorMary Ellen Guffey.Bertha Du-Babcock.Dana Loewy
PublisherCengage Learning

Price:NT$ 1,400

Students might find it a challenge to orientate themselves to the working world. In Essentials of Business Communication this book serves to bridge that gap with useful learning tools provided in the book and local examples that will be relevant to the Asian student. From detailed grammar/mechanics exercises to resources like the  communication workshop to promote career skills, your learning experience will be meaningful and engaging. Students will also be trained to become an effective communicator in today’s wired and mobile workplace.


Power Reading

2016年新書推薦~Power Reading 1

Power Reading


CEF Level:A1-A2 / A2 / A2-B1

AuthorPaul Nation.Casey Malarcher
PublisherSeed Learning

Power Reading is a three-book series specifically developed for the intermediate to advanced English language learner. The series has been developed to support a four-strand approach to language instruction. Each unit incorporates reading and listening passages on related content to both engage and inform learners. The graded levels of the series allow learners to comfortably progress to longer and more challenging topics as they move from book to book. Extension activities in the Power Reading series support the development of learners’ reading, listening, writing, and discussion skills through supplemental content that builds on each unit’s main topic.


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