2013 ETA 東華講座第1場

講題: Mining Authentic Videos with English Central: A User’s Session

日期/時間: 2013.11.08 (Friday) 14:20~15:20

地點: 教學區 328教室

講者: Browne, Charles

This session will begin with a demonstration several of English Central’s cool new corpus-based learning tools, including a system that ranks the difficulty of our more than 10,000 authentic videos and matches them with student ability-level, a spaced-repetition vocabulary learning system that helps students to quickly acquiring multiple aspects of word-knowledge via exposure to multiple authentic video contexts, a state-of-the-art voice recognition system that provides detailed analysis and practice of pronunciation at the phonemic level and a whole suite of scaffolding tools designed to make the authentic videos comprehensible to lower-level students, and an easy to use set of teacher tools to help you to create classes, set goals and track your students progress.

The second part of the session will be devoted to allowing current users to exchange ideas, tips and information on how they use EnglishCentral with their students.

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