A Genre-based Approach to Academic Writing 3/e with MP3 CD/1片

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A Genre-based Approach to Academic Writing 3/e with MP3 CD/1片

Authors:Diane Johnson, Winifred Crombie

Welcome to the second edition of A Genre-based Approach to Academic Writing. We would like to thank all of those students and teaching staff who have helped us to improve the work by providing comments on the previous editions.

This book is intended to help learners of English, particularly learners who have an intermediate level of proficiency, to plan and write well-organized and coherent texts in English for academic, business or entertainment purposes. It is based on the belief that novice writers can produce accurate, well-organized texts if they are given the tools they need.

We provide a step-by-step guide to planning and writing complete texts that recount, instruct, argue, explain and classify. In the final chapter, students learn to write blended texts, that is, texts that combine two or more genres (e.g. recount, explanation and argument).

Each chapter includes model texts, language focus points, and a wide range of practical tasks which are designed to support students as they reach greater understanding of the ways in which complete texts are constructed. The Answer Key at the back of the book provides answers and possible responses to some of the tasks. Answers and possible responses to the other tasks and activities are provided in the Teachers Guide. Also available to accompany the Teachers Guide are recordings of many of the texts included in the book. These can be used for listening practice.

The Teachers Guide provides information about using the material in this book. It includes examination suggestions and marking guides as well as some additional tasks (with answers and possible responses) that are not included in the Students’ Book. It is accompanied by PowerPoint presentations in which different background colors indicate the different functions of the slides (providing information, outlining tasks, supplying answers and possible responses to tasks, providing students with guidance on assessment).

Students who are planning to sit an English language proficiency test that includes a writing section are likely to find this book particularly helpful. Teachers who want to provide their students with genuinely helpful and practical guidance on writing will find that this book meets their requirements.
Key Features

  • Focuses on complete texts in a range of genres-recount, instruction, argument, explanation and classification.
  • Includes blended texts that combine genres.
  • Examines overall text structure, paragraph structure and language features associated with different genres.
  • Explores a wide range of textual relationships involving comparison and contrast, temporal sequence, temporal overlap, purpose, means, reason, amplification, condition, exception, exemplification and concession.
  • Provides a large number of model texts and practical writing exercises.
  • Accompanied by a teacher's guide with PowerPoint slides, an answer guide and an audio CD.
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