TOEIC Skills (Seed Learning)

TOEIC Skills (Seed Learning)

Authors: Andrea Janzen, Michael Souza, Kelly Daniels
Publisher :Cengage Learning
CEFR levels: A2+ – C2

The new  TOEIC®  study series from Seed Learning is a three-level series designed to assist students in a chieving their TOEIC®  goals. The series provides thorugh test preparation and extensive practice of TOEIC®  -style questions. This practical series is aimed at students at different stages of their TOEIC®  preparation.

Building TOEIC®  Skills is for students aiming at a score of between 450 and 550 points. (14 units)
Developing TOEIC®   Skills is for students whose target score is between 650 and 750.  (12 units)
Mastering TOEIC®   Skills is aimed at students who are working toward a score of 850-990.  (12 units)

Each unit targets the following skill areas:

  • Vocabulary: Words and phrases frequently encountered on the TOEIC®
  • Grammar: Level-appropriate grammatical structures commonly seen on the TOEIC®
  • Listening: Tips and strategies for listening questions with related practice activities
  • Reading: Tips and strategies for reading questions
  • Mini-Test: TOEIC®style practice questions for each of the seven sections of the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

Additional Features

  • Practice Test: A full-length practice test included at the end of the book
  • Transcripts: Full transcripts for all listening activities
  • Answer Key: Answer key for all practice activities
  • Downloadable explanations for mini-tests and practice test

若需要詢問 Answer Key 相關資訊,請至 聯絡我們 或電洽客服專線 (02) 2311-4027 詢問,謝謝。


ISBN Title Price
9781944879761 Building TOEIC Skills with MP3 CD/1片 500
9781944879785 Mastering TOEIC Skills with MP3 CD/1片 500
9781944879778 Developing TOEIC Skills with MP3 CD/1片 500

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