Essential Reading 2/e

2016年新書推薦~Essential Reading 2ed

Essential Reading 2/e


CEFR levels: A2-B1+

AuthorsChris Gough
PublisherMacmillan Publishers

Essential Reading Second Edition is a three-level course for young adult and adult learners, form A2 to B1+. It teaches essential reading skills through texts with a variety of engaging topics tailored to Asian learners.

This second edition is now even better in overcoming the challenges students face in studying English, offering:

  • Both intensive and extensive approaches to reading
  • a wide range of engaging topics such as money, social networking, and relationships, tailored to Asian learners
  • a full range of skills-building activities, covering not only reading but also listening, speaking, writing, vocabulary, grammar, as well as critical thinking skills

What’s new?

  • new topics, reading passages, and exercises
  • new extracts from Macmillan Graded Readers
  • new Life Skills feature teaching transferable, real-life skills
  • new Teacher’s Presentation Kit to aid classroom teaching
  • new support materials

Student Book

  • 12 topic-based units
  • 12 review units
  • an extract from Macmillan Graded Readers

Teacher’s File

  • additional photocopiable activities
  • cultural background notes
  • full answer keys

Resource Site


  • Teacher’s Presentation Kit
  • Test Generator
  • audio of reading passages and listening activites
  • extra resources


ISBN Title Price
9780230493988 Essential Reading 2/e (1) Student Book 450
9780230493995 Essential Reading 2/e (2) Student Book 450
9780230494008 Essential Reading 2/e (3) Student Book 500
9780230494015 Essential Reading 2/e Teacher’s File 900
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