First Steps to Your Career


First Steps to Your Career

Elementary / Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate

Author: Tae Kudo & Mike Corsini
Publisher: Cengage Learning





First Steps to Your Career is designed to assist pre-intermediate learners of English in adapting to their workplace environment. This series includes a variety of activities to prepare students for both professional and casual office interaction. Topics are specifically tailored for today’s learner, whether they’re just entering the workforce or simply would like to take their career to the next level.

  • Listening Comprehension exercises develop students’ listening skills by entertaining them with lively conversations and news stories.
  • Each unit’s Grammar Focus outlines key points and allows students to put tips into practice.
  • Class Activities allow teachers to get students out of their seats and speaking with classmates.
  • Culture Corner sections expose students to the many differences between Eastern and Western business practices.
  • Two Reading sections per unit develop students’ reading comprehension skills using a variety of topics related to the modern business world, including the use of social media and overcoming technological difficulties.
  • Vocabulary activities help students to better remember newly learned terms by putting them to use right away.


  • Student Book with MP3
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Test Bank
  • Classroom Power Point


9789814455596 First Steps to Your Career (1) with MP3 550
9789814455602 First Steps to Your Career (2) with MP3 550
9789814455619 First Steps to Your Career (3) with MP3 550
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  1. Williams 說道:


    I bought the Student Book with MP3.
    May I get the answer for the test or practice in this book? or where I can download it?


    • Niki 說道:

      Hi Williams,
      Thank you for purchasing, but the answer we only provide for Teacher.
      If you are teacher, please leave your contact information.
      Or you can call 02-23114027, thank you!


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