Future Jobs Readers Series

Future Jobs Readers Series

讀本全系列 4 冊,共 20 本
Publisher:Seed Learning
定價:NT$ 195

Seed Learning’s Future Jobs Readers is a new nonfiction series that explores exciting new careers that may soon become available to young people today. The series explains the type of work these careers will entail along with the kind of study and experience they require. Many of the careers that the series focuses on relate to developing technologies with applications in many different fields. In particular, the series aims to spark the interest of readers in considering the study of STEM-related subject areas that can open up new horizons for the next generation in the workplace.


  • Provide informative descriptions of what people do in various careers along with basic requirements for entering certain fields
  • Allow learners to develop their reading fluency through extensive reading practice
  • Present strictly controlled vocabulary over the graded levels of the series
  • Include comprehension questions in each reader to encourage learner accountability
  • Highlight both subject-specific and level-appropriate terms in succinct glossary pages
  • Suggest additional topics for students to research and discuss on “Teachers’ Notes” pages


The series includes 20 books at 4 levels of difficulty ranging from 700 to 1800 headwords and has been developed specifically for younger learners and early teens.


ISBN Title Price
9781943980338 Future Jobs Readers 1-1: Robotics Engineers with Audio CD 195
9781943980390 Future Jobs Readers 1-2: Cyber Secuirty Experts with Audio CD 195
9781943980352 Future Jobs Readers 1-3: Medical Scientitsts with Audio CD 195
9781943980369 Future Jobs Readers 1-4: Social Media Managers with Audio CD 195
9781943980376 Future Jobs Readers 1-5: Asset Mangers with Audio CD 195
9781943980383 Future Jobs Readers 2-1: Drone Pilots with Audio CD 195
9781943980345 Future Jobs Readers 2-2: App Developers with Audio CD 195
9781943980406 Future Jobs Readers 2-3: Wearable Technology Creators with Audio CD 195
9781943980413 Future Jobs Readers 2-4: Computer Intelligence Engineeers with Audio CD 195
9781943980437 Future Jobs Readers 2-5: Digital Modelers with Audio CD 195
9781943980420 Future Jobs Readers 3-1: IoT Marketing Specialists with Audio CD 195
9781943980444 Future Jobs Readers 3-2: Space Pilots with Audio CD 195
9781943980451 Future Jobs Readers 3-3: Water Harvesters with Audio CD 195
9781943980468 Future Jobs Readers 3-4: Genetic counselors with Audio CD 195
9781943980475 Future Jobs Readers 3-5: Data Miners with Audio CD 195
9781943980482 Future Jobs Readers 4-1: Database Administrators with Audio CD 195
9781943980499 Future Jobs Readers 4-2: Nanotechology Research Scientists with Audio CD 195
9781943980505 Future Jobs Readers 4-3: Quantum Computer Scientists with Audio CD 195
9781943980512 Future Jobs Readers 4-4: Agricultural Emgineers with Audio CD 195
9781943980529 Future Jobs Readers 4-5: Intellectual Property Lawyers with Audio CD 195
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