Headlight Series

Headlight Series

全系列共 3 冊
Authors:Byron Brown

Editor's Words
As an editor, I Consider it a privilege to offer our readers tips and advice for learning English. I always believe that the top priority Is to be open-minded making learning English not a chore, bus a HOBBY.

As global villagers, we are Supposed to build a sound and friendly relationship with the others around us. In order to truly understand someone, one must be fluent in their native tongue. Take paying a visit to a new friend, for example. The first thing is give a phone call first. When arriving at his or her house, you have to knock on the door Or press the doorbell. Then a courteous greeting will follow and continue onto typical daily conversation, and then on and on and on. This is exactly how we lead our daily lives, isn't it? However, it takes skills and practice. Therefore our main concern in this book Is to help you learn with your partners and then think independently through unfailing practice.

These four articles aim at connecting noteworthy events or issues with you. More importantly, in the Activity part, we encourage you to express yourselves without shyness by following the logic of speaking. We definitely don't want you to break your neck doing drills, but rather make yourselves understood with the tips we suggest.

Reading, along with speaking and writing, is a vital component of language comprehension. We strongly hope you can fully understand the texts and express your ideas more confidently through your teacher's guidance. Hopefully we can help put you on your way to becoming a confident and skilled English speaker.

Above all, learning English can be fun if you ate willing to put out the effort.

Welcome to the fantastic world of English,  and have a nice trip!


ISBN Title Price
9772521330003 Headlight (Think 1) Say Goodbye to the Internet? with CD/1片 220
2017060100001 Headlight (Quest 1) The Best Birthday Gift with CD/1片 199
2017060200001 Headlight (Inspire 1) Sunny Pawar's Wonderful Surprise with CD/1片 199
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