In Company 3.0


In Company 3.0


Author:Simon Clarke, Mark Powel, and John Allison
Publisher:Macmillan (2014)

In company 3.0 provides updated and expanded content and builds on the success of previous editions, making it the English course of choice for established business professionals. The course delivers strong, skills-based material with immediate and tangible outcomes. Short, accessible units focus on key business trends, people skills and everyday business scenarios, and demonstrate the practical application of functional language in business contexts.

NEW for this third edition is a neat and compact online learning solution for both students and teachers. The interactive Online Workbook gives students the opportunity to practise language online and on-the-move, and teachers can track students’ progress through automatic gradebooks.

In addition, the Student’s and Teacher’s Resource Centres provide easy access to class audio, extensive video content, and additional learning material, including photocopiable resources, tests, and worksheets.

Key Features :

  • Updated and expanded material to reflect the changing world of modern business in short, accessible units
  • Webcode access to an Online Workbook, where students can practise their language online
  • NEW Business Scenarios-challenging video case studies simulating real-life business situations
  • NEW In Company In Action videos supporting the Business Scenarios, and in Company Interviews video showcasing business professionals around the world
  • Student’s Resource Centre webcode access contains integrated and flexible online material
  • Global approach with skills-based content from a range of intermational sources


ISBN Title Price
9780230458826 In Company 3.0 (Starter) Student’s Book 650
9780230455009 In Company 3.0 (Elementary) Student’s Book 650
9780230455115 In Company 3.0 (Pre-Intermediate) Student’s Book 650
9780230455238 In Company 3.0 (Intermediate) Student’s Book 650
9780230455351 In Company 3.0 (Upper-Intermediate) Student’s Book 675
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