Journal of English Education Vol.1 No.2


Journal of English Education Vol.1  No.2  May 2013

Department of Applied Foreign Languages,
Shih Chien University

Publisher: Tung Hua Book Co., Ltd.

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Journal of English Education (JEE) is a refereed, intemational journal covering every aspect of English education within and across all disciplines, with papers reporting primary research addressing implications and applocations of research, discussing practice, and examining principles and theories. It serves as a means of scholarly exchange among scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field of English language teaching and learning.

JEE is published biannually (in May and November), and covers a wide variety of topics in academic and professional English domains, including English language teaching and learning, curriculum and materials design, testing and assessment, professional preparation, pedagogy, research methodology, and key issues in interdisciplinary teaching and learning. We welcome papers all year round. The language of publication is English.

Table of Contents

  • Wenli Tsou & Yen-Hua Huang
    Instruction on English Abstract Writing for Science and Engineering Graduate Students in Taiwan
  • Li-ying Wu
    Narrative Inquiry into the Lived Experience of Teaching Tourism English:
    Empathy, Reading the World and Making Sense of Conflict
  • Shuming Chen
    An Analysis of Machine-Translated Journalistic Texts: Comprehensibility and Accuracy
  • Shiou-Wen Yeh
    Design and Development of an Online Annotation System for EAP Vocabulary Learning
  • Joel J. Janicki
    Associated Significaion in English Poetic Texts: A Practical Approach

About the Authors

  • Wenli Tsou, a full professor, currently teaches at the Department of Foreign Language $ Literature, National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. She is also the project leader of the ESP program and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) research team at the same university.
  • Yen-Hua Huang is an MA graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature, National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and is currently teaching at a high school in southern Taiwan.
  • Li-Ying Wu is Assustant Professor of Sociolinguistics at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages. Her research interests include Sociolinguistics, New Literacy Studies, Narrative Inquiry and Ethnography.
  • Shuming Chen is an assistant professor of Dayeh University. She has been teaching Chinese-English translation for many years. Her research interests include translation theories, children literature translation, subtitle translation, and translation teaching.
  • Shiou-Wen Yeh is a professor at National Chiao-Tung University. Her research interests include computer-assisted language learning, Web-based collaborative learning, distance education, academic writing, and language learning strategies.
  • Joel J. Janicki is Associate Professor at Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan, where he teaches American and Russian Literatures and is a member of the University’s Central and East European Center. His recent publications include studies on American Military Memoirs from the Second Iraqi War, the novel The Captain’s Daughter by A. S. Pushkin, and the American-influenced writings of the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz.

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  • LanguageEnglish

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