Journal of English Education Vol.5 No.1 Nov. 2016

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Journal of English Education Vol.5 No.1 Nov. 2016 (實踐應外系期刊)

Authors:Departmeof Applied Foreign Languages Shih Chien University 實踐大學應用外語系

Journal of English Education(JEE)is a refereed, international journal covering every aspect of English education within and across all disciplines. JEE is published biannually, May and November. It covers a wide variety of topics in academic and professional English domains.

Table of contents
Chun-Li YU and Li-te LI
How Learner’s Agency Affects Second Language Learning: A Case Study of a Six-year-old Child

Yueh-Hung TSENG
Young Children's Construction of L2 Author Identity through the Use of Textual Features

Minghuei LEE & Yi-Hsuan Gloria LO
An Analytical Study of Reading Activities in Communicative ELT Materials

Wei-Wei SHEN
Is There a Gender-Friendly English Language Learning Environment? A Preliminary Examination of an EFL Curriculum in Taiwan

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