Brand-new Macmillan Literature Collections

Brand-new Macmillan Literature Collections

Four new collections : Crime, adventure, travel and 20th Century, for those students who are ready for modern and classic unadapted stories.

  • Crime Stories / ISBN : 9780230410305

This collection of five-stories puts together a variety of styles from the genre of crime writing. From the adventures of the most famous of all detectives, Sherlock Holmes, to the contemporary crime writings of Ruth Rendell and Alexander McCall Smith.

  • Adventure Stories / ISBN : 9780230408548

This collection of five stories explores a variety of different literary approaches to the adventure genre.

  • 20th-century Stories / ISBN : 9780230408531

This collection of short stories brillinatly illustrates the development of the new literary styles and perspectives that emerged during the course of the 20th century.

  • Travel Stories / ISBN : 9780230408524

This collection of six excerpts takes the reader through a variety of landscapes which are both challenging and exhilirating. From the desert conditions of Mexico to the frozen land of the Northern Lights.

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