Maximize Your Writing

Authors:Pearson Education
Publisher :Pearson Education
CEFR levels: A1-C1

Maximize Your Writing provides students with instruction and practice in developing the essential academic writing skills. The workbooks feature useful strategies and abundant practice to help students become confident and successful writers.

With its flexible format, the Maximize Your Writing series can be used with any other writing textbooks and integrated skills courses.


  • Clear skill presentations that provide explanation and give students extra reinforcement.
  • Abundant practice with punctuation, mechanics, and sentence structure to help students build skills necessary for creating well-developed and clear writing.
  • Clear grammar presentations and engaging exercises that help students develop the essential grammar for writing skills.
  • Paragraph organization sections that include extensive practice to help students create well-designed and coherent pieces of writing.
  • Writing assignments that allow students to apply skills in writing.
  • Pre- and post-tests that provide formative assessment at the beginning of the course and summative assessment at the end.
  • Timed and untimed writing options that allow students to practice writing coherently and fluently.


ISBN Title Price
9780134661438 Maximize Your Writing (1) 500
9780134661421 Maximize Your Writing (2) 500
9780134661414 Maximize Your Writing (3) 500
9780134661407 Maximize Your Writing (4) 500


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