Passport to Academic Presentations


Passport to Academic Presentations
(with Audio CD/1片)


Author: Douglas Bell
Publisher: Garnet Education

ISBN: 9781859644003
Price: NT$ 590

Passport to Academic Presentations have become an increasingly important feature of Higher Education; developing abilities in this area can be crucial for students’ academic success. This book  aims to demystify the entire oral presentation process by examining each of the different stages in turn. No prior knowledge is assumed, and students are gradually introduced to a set of core language and skills, allowing them to tackle oral presentations in an academic context with increased confidence and fluency.

 A key feature of the course is its focus  on transferability; students are encouraged to apply the material to their own specific subject areas throughout. Each unit also contains advice on pronunciation and tips for improving oral presentation delivery.

The units are organized as follows:

  • Getting started
  • Organizing your material
  • Dealing with questions and answers
  • Creating more impact
  • Using visual aids
  • Giving persuasive presentations
  • Review of units

Level Chart

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