Principles of Language Learning and Teaching, 6/e


Principles of Language Learning and Teaching, 6/e
- A Course in Second Language Acquisition

Author:H. Douglas Brown
Publisher:Pearson Education ESL (2014)

Price:NT$ 650

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching is the classic second language acquisition (SLA) course textbook used in language teacher education programs worldwide. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching introduces key concepts and offers straightforward definitions of terms, thought-provoking questions, and summary tables and charts. The sixth edition has been revised to include current research, updated references, and closer links between pedagogy and teaching.


  • A comprehensive overview of SLA related to language pedagogy
  • Explanation of concepts in clear, reader-friendly prose
  • End-of-chapter supplementary readings, journal-writing activities, and updated activities and discussion questions
  • A bibliography listing major resources in SLA
  • A concise glossary of terminology introduced in the book

New in the Sixth Edition

  • Opening vignettes that link chapter topics to language learners’ stories
  • Expanded Classroom Connections that provide greater opportunity to link research findings to teaching practice
  • A rewritten final chapter that provides an up-to-date synthesis of models and perspectives in SLA

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