Sounds Good, 2/e


Sounds Good, 2/e


CEFR Level:A1 / A2 / B1 / B2

AuthorsKen Beatty, Peter Thinkler
PublisherPearson Education

Sounds Good 2nd Edition helps learners of English develop a wide range of listening skills needed in social situations and academic contexts. Each book has 12 units based on popular themes that reflect global lifestyles and perspectives.

Key Features

  • Varied Listening Extractsoffer students a wealth of opportunities to hear English in different contexts
  • Carefully Graded Tasksgive students a lot of language support and train them to listen carefully
  • Pronunciation Sections assist students in tuning into the sounds and rhythm of native speech
  • TOEIC® Review Tests help students achieve success in the real world
  • Grammar Points give students a strong foundation in critical grammar required by tests such as TOEIC®
  • Culture Notes explore different aspects of life and culture around the world


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  • Classroom Presentation Tool
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ISBN Title Price
9789862803202 Sounds Good 2/e (1) Student Book 500
9789862803219 Sounds Good 2/e (2) Student Book 500
9789862803264 Sounds Good 2/e (3) Student Book 500
9789862803271 Sounds Good 2/e (4) Student Book 500

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