Speaking for Speeches Series

Speaking for Speeches Series

全系列共 3 冊
Authors:Liana Robinson
Publisher:Seed Learning
CEFR levels: A2-A2 Low, A2-A2 High, A2 High-B1 Low

Speaking for Speeches: Skills for Presentations is an interactive, accessible three-level series specifically designed to develop the public speaking skills of English language learners at the high-beginning to intermediate level. Students will build the essential confidence they need as a speaker through creating their own interesting and fun presentations. This series will prepare students for any kind of speaking from casual descriptions of personal experiences to more formal, research-based presentations. Central to each lesson is an original presentation organized, written, and delivered by a student presenter. With its modern approach, the series helps students acquire practical speech communication skills in a positive, structured environment that they can use throughout their lives.


  • Wide variety of speech topics ranging from informative to entertaining personal stories
  • Well-ordered exercises and activities allowing speakers to organize their ideas and prepare their presentations
  • Abundant sample speeches and presentation ideas
  • Guided speech patterns with consistent and useful sentence structures
  • Repeated recycling of high-frequency vocabulary
  • QR code links to original presentations given by talented student presenters


ISBN Title Price
9781946452641 Speaking for Speeches 1: Skills for Presentations with MP3 CD/1片 400
9781946452658 Speaking for Speeches 2: Skills for Presentations with MP3 CD/1片 400
9781946452665 Speaking for Speeches 3: Skills for Presentations with MP3 CD/1片 400
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