Start Smart / Move Fast / Fly High


Start Smart / Move Fast / Fly High
with MP3 CD/1片

Preparation for Cambridge YLE Test
with 4 Practice Tests

Author:Gerhard Erasmus
Publisher:Cengage Learning (2014)

Starter Smart / Move Fast / Fly High are a new three level preparation series for young learners preparing for the Cambridge YLE exams. Throughout each book, children are exposed to the vocabulary and structures required for each level through a range of engaging tasks that would allow the teacher lots of opportunities to personalize the language. This series is structured into nine thematic units and each unit includes exam type tasks for listening, reading and writing, and speaking.

Features of YLE series:

  1. Based on the Cambridge YLE syllabus Each book has been carefully planned and written to include the vocabulary and structures in the Cambridge YLE syllabus in such a way that children can develop their language skills and abilities.
  2. Recycling of key structures The grammar in the book is not explicitly taught but rather consistently used throughout the series to allow students to acquire the grammatical rule by exposing them to similar structures in a variety of contexts.
  3. Fun activities The activities are designed to not only develop language skills, but also offer lots of expansion into students’ lives to enhance recall ability and keep them motivated and interested.
  4. Natural developmentally sound approach Students are exposed to lots of examples of structure and vocabulary to allow them to develop their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in a more natural way.
  5. Practice tests and test activities The book is full of sample test activities to help students develop their-taking skills by exposing them to communicative language testing type questions.


Student Book including for practice tests with audio CD ;Teacher’s Guide


ISBN Title Price
9789865840662 Start Smart (Starter Level) with MP3 CD/1片 500
9789865840679 Move Fast (Mover Level) with MP3 CD/1片 500
9789865840686 Fly High (Flyer Level) with MP3 550
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