The Art of Public Speaking


The Art of Public Speaking, 11th

Author: Stephen E. Lucas
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 11th edition (2012)

ISBN: 9780071310413
Price: NT$ 1,100

Features of the eleventh edition 

The eleventh edition of The Art of Public Speaking builds on its predecessors with expanded coverage in keyareas that students find most challenging- plunging into the first speech, avoiding fallacies, using supporting materials properly, citing sources orally, developing and presenting visual aids, and taking public speaking from classroom to career.

These content revisions are combined with a thorough revision of Connect Public Speaking, the pathbreaking online learning platform for The Art of Public Speaking at The book, Connect, and the other resources available with The Art of Public Speaking are all designed to work hand in hand. They provide an integrated teaching and learning system that is without parallel among public speaking textbooks.

  • Helping students make the leap from principles to performance
  • Helping students apply principles discussed in the text to the creation of their own speeches
  • Helping novices gain practice time and become effective public speakers
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