Time Zones, 2/e

2016年新書推薦~Time Zones

Time Zones, 2/e


CEF levels:Pre-A1 / A1 / A2 / A2-B1

PublisherCengage Learning

Time Zones, Second Edition is a four-skills program designed to teach teenagers how to use English effectively, developing them into successful global citizens. It features:

  • Engaging real-world content that brings National Geographic Explorers and 21st century topics into the classroom.
  • A communicative approach that offers students the opportunity to learn about and critically discuss global issues.
  • National Geographic video in every unit, introducing amazing places, culture, and information from around the world.


ISBN Title Price
9781305259843 Time Zones 2/e (1) Student Book 450
9781305259850 Time Zones 2/e (2) Student Book 450
9781305259867 Time Zones 2/e (3) Student Book 450
9781305259874 Time Zones 2/e (4) Student Book 450
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