Timed Reading for Fluency Series

Timed Reading for Fluency Series

全系列共 4 冊
Authors:Paul Nation, Casey Malarcher
Publisher:Seed Learning
CEFR levels: A2 Mid, A2 High-B1 Mid, B1 Low-B1 Mid, B1-High

Timed Reading for Fluency is a useful series for students who want to develop their reading fluency. Because fluency development requires students to make the best use of what they already know, the reading passages in this series target familiar vocabulary and grammar.

Such reading material allows students to practice recognizing and processing texts that they read without undue struggle while aiming toward a faster reading speed. This series of books uses timed readings of standard lengths so that students can track their progress throughout the course.


  • Reading texts within controlled vocabulary and grammar guidelines

    • Timed Reading for Fluency 1: 200 word passages with 800 headwords
    • Timed Reading for Fluency 2: 275 word passages with 1100 headwords
    • Timed Reading for Fluency 3: 350 word passages with 1500 headwords
    • Timed Reading for Fluency 4: 400 word passages with 2000 head words
  • Thematically organized chapters that help students focus on subject-specific content and language
  • Chapter preview pages to familiarize students with key vocabulary and proper nouns found in the chapter's reading passages
  • Reading speed charts at the back of each book for students to record their comprehension question score and reading speed for each passage
  • Audio recordings of all passages for supplementary listening
  • Complete answer key


ISBN Title Price
9781946452672 Timed Reading for Fluency 1 390
9781946452689 Timed Reading for Fluency 2 390
9781946452696 Timed Reading for Fluency 3 390
9781946452702 Timed Reading for Fluency 4 390
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