Time Zones

2011年新書推薦 ~

Time Zones 

Beginner to Intermediate

 By Tim Collins, Mary Jane Maples, Catherine Frazier, Richard Frazier

Vist: http://elt.heinle.com/timezones

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  • TimeZones是一套專為國小高年級及青少年設計規劃的4-skills教材,搭配National Geographic精美圖片、內容及Video影片。
  • 透過4個主角人物,引導學生學習美語,同時探索及吸收世界各國不同文化,擴大學習視野與世界接軌。
  • 全套共4冊,每冊教學時數約80-85小時(包括作業本)。每冊由4大主題貫穿,每個主題有3個單元及一個搭配主題的綜合單元World Explore,每2個主題有一個複習單元Review Game。
  • 每個單元透過會話、聽力、發音及寫作活動充分練習聽說讀寫,以循序漸進的文法課程,多樣性的閱讀文體,螺旋式的字彙及溝通式口語活動,奠定學生口語流利度與閱讀能力。
  • 跨學科的教學內容,包括科技、自然、歷史、地理及文化。
  • E化的教學系統,學生本搭配Multi-Rom,包含每個單元的Video Clips, Audio Clips,並根據字彙、文法、聽力、會話每單元提供Vocabulary Practice, Grammar Practice, Listening Practice各種練習,讓學生課後可做更多複習。Exam View試題光碟可幫助老師簡易快速製作適合各班的考題,學生成績亦可列印作為教師參考。

Key features of the Student Books:

  • Adapted National Geographic content, video and images give learners an understanding and appreciation of other countries and their cultures.
  • Four cartoon characters- young reporters- appear in each unit, presenting language and factual information in a fun and engaging way.
  • Educational content provides learners with the chance to learn about geography, science, history, animals and nature, as well as developing critical thinking skills.
  • Multi-ROM provides additional practice through National Geographic video, audio recordings, listening and pronunciation activities, and computer-based exercises.
  • Systematically teaches high-frequency vocabulary for this age group, as well as high-interest content words, both useful for learners preparing for standardized exams.

Course components include:

  • Student Book with Multi-ROM
  • Student Book
  • Combo Split A with Multi-ROM
  • Combo Split B  with Multi-ROM
  • Combo Split A
  • Combo Split B
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Classroom Audio CD
  • Classroom DVD
  • Classroom Presentation CD-ROM
  • Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView
  • Companion Website
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