Top Notch, 3/e


Top Notch, 3/e

The Leader in Global Communication

Starter to Pre-Intermediate (A1-B1)

AuthorJoan Saslow and Allen Ascher

The Goal of Top Notch is to make English unforgettable through:

  • Multiple exposures to new language
  • Numerous opportunities to practice it
  • Deliberate and intensive recycling

The Top Notch course has two beginning levels-Top Notch Fundamentals for true beginners and Top Notch 1 for false beginners. Top Notch is benchmark to the Global Scale of English and it tightly correlated to the Can-do statements of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Each full level of Top Notch content materials for 60-90 hours of classroom instruction. In addition, the entire course can be tailored to blended learning with an integrated online component, MyEnglishLab. This third edition of Top Notch includes these new features:Extra Grammar Exercise, digital full-color Vocabulary Flash Cards, Conversation Activator videos, and Pronunciation Coach videos.

Complete and Flexible

  • MyEnglishLab is an online learning platform that offers personalized, four-skills practice with feedback on errors, as well as Grammar Coach and Pronunciation Coach videos.
  • ActiveTeach is a dynamic, customizable multimedia. It includes the Students’ Book, in digital form, with point-of-use audio, video, flash cards, interactive activities, and lesson plans. With printable resources and assessment.
  • To listen anytime, anywhere to Top Notch Classroom Audio Program, go to Download mp3 files at no charge OR purchase the Top Notch Go app-with speed control, navigation, and audio transcripts.
  • Student’s Book available with or without MyEnglishLab
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s Edition and Lesson Planner
  • Full-course Placement Tests (printable or online)
  • Assessment Online in MyEnglishLab or printable from ActiveTeach
  • Classroom Audio Program (CDs)
  • Summit 1 and Summit 2 are the titles of the 5th and 6th levels of the Top Notch course. Summit 1 is CEFR B2 – B2+, Summit 2 is CEFR B2+ – C1.


ISBN Title Price
9780133927917 Top Notch 3/e (Fundamentals) Student’s Book 580
9780133927771 Top Notch 3/e (Fundamentals) Workbook 250
9780133928938 Top Notch 3/e (1) Student’s Book 580
9780133928150 Top Notch 3/e (1) Workbook 250
9780133928945 Top Notch 3/e (2) Student’s Book 580
9780133928228 Top Notch 3/e (2) Workbook 250
9780133928211 Top Notch 3/e (3) Student’s Book 580
9780133928174 Top Notch 3/e (3) Workbook 250


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