Top Phonics Series

Top Phonics Series

全系列共 6 冊
Authors: Anne Taylor
Publisher:Seed Learning

Study phonics with Top Phonics.

Top Phonics is on easy-to-use five-Level phonics series developed for young learners of English. Starting in Top Phonics Book 1. students will learn to recognize and say the letters of the English alphabet. By the end of Book 5, students will be able to read and write words and phrases. The five Levels of Top Phonics provide a guided, step-by step presentation of single-Letter sounds and vowel and consonant combinations. Top Phonics allows learners to develop their English skills in an engaging, systematic, and effective manner.


  • 5 charming characters who appear throughout all five books
  • Entertaining chants and songs to provide Listening and pronunciation practice
  • Fun stories to develop reading skills
  • Engaging activities to build reading, listening, and writing skills beyond rote practice
  • Strategic introduction of sight words to increase reading fluency
  • Enjoyable review activities at the end of each book


  • Student Books with Hybrid CDs

    • Top Phonics 1 Single-Letter Sounds
    • Top Phonics 2 Short Vowel Sounds
    • Top Phonics 3 Long Vowel Sounds
    • Top Phonics 4 Double-Letter Consonant Sounds
    • Top Phonics 5 Double-Letter Vowel Sounds
  • Workbooks 1-5
  • Downloodable Teacher's Guides 1-5


ISBN Title Price
9781943980123 Top Phonics (1) Student Book with Hybrid CD/1片 385
9781943980130 Top Phonics (2) Student Book with Hybrid CD/1片 385
9781943980147 Top Phonics (3) Student Book with Hybrid CD/1片 385
9781943980154 Top Phonics (4) Student Book with Hybrid CD/1片 385
9781943980161 Top Phonics (5) Student Book with Hybrid CD/1片 385
9781946452634 Top Phonics (6) Student Book with MP3 CD/1片 385
9781944879198 Top Phonics (1) Workbook 150
9781944879204 Top Phonics (2) Workbook 150
9781944879211 Top Phonics (3) Workbook 150
9781944879228 Top Phonics (4) Workbook 150
9781944879235 Top Phonics (5) Workbook 150
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