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  謝謝您長期以來對東華書局-台中辦事處支持與鼓勵,辦事處預計106 / 7 /10 日起遷至新地,屆時有更寬闊的空間與精彩的活動於您一起分享。

搬遷期間 (7/5 ~7/7) 停止辦公


電 話:04-2285-5820
傳 真:04-2435-1520

2016 東華ETA演講場次,歡迎參加!

2016 ETA 展期中,我們推出場 3 場精彩的主題講座

以下為 3 場 ETA 講座訊息,若要瞭解每場的主題大綱




2016 Tung Hua Day Topic4

2016 Tung Hua Day 精采講座摘要

Topic 4: Bottom-up decoding: Reading and listening for the future

Are you a top-downer or a bottom-upper? The  debate as to the relative importance of these two approaches to understanding spoken or written text has been going on for decades. Most current textbooks take a more top-down approach. However, recent research indicates that we are often in situations where we are less able to use top-down skills, for example, in exams, or simply when we turn on the radio at random. At this point, our ability to decode becomes key. This session will show how Navigate, a new course from Oxford University Press, trains students to tackle texts from the bottom up, focusing on linguistic features in order to understand the text rather than use their existing knowledge to predict what the text is about. Students are not just able to understand the one text in front of them, but are able to apply these skills to the next text and every other text they come across. Therefore they are learning to listen and read for tomorrow.


2016 Tung Hua Day Topic3

2016 Tung Hua Day 精采講座摘要

Topic 3: Teaching English with TED Talks: A Rationale and Methodology

Fascinating, informative and motivating- anyone that has watched a TED Talk knows just how engaging they can be. But do TED Talks have a place in the English language classroom? In this interactive presentation, the presenter will explore this question using examples from authentic TED talks which have been integrated into the language learning methodology of 21st Century Reading, a stunning new series from National Geographic Learning. Participants in the session will come away with an understanding of the rationale and techniques for using this authentic resource in their classroom.


2016 Tung Hua Day Topic2

2016 Tung Hua Day 精采講座摘要

Topic 2: Intensive or extensive? International or local? Why not all four?

I think we would all agree with the old adage, "Variety is the spice of life." It’s true in our lives, at the office, and as educators we try to make it true in our classrooms. We mix skills-building exercises with interactive activities, fluency-focused activities with accuracy-focused ones, individual practice with pair or group work, and so on. In the reading classroom this may be more challenging to accomplish, yet if we want to keep our students motivated and engaged, it is essential that we do so here as well. This presentation will focus on ways of creating a more dynamic and interactive environment in the reading classroom, one that keeps students thinking and reflecting critically about the world around them.


2016 Tung Hua Day Topic1

2016 Tung Hua Day 精采講座摘要

Topic 1: Communicative Competencies for the 21st Century

If our goal for English learners is the ability to understand written and oral text and to successfully engage in conversation and discussion, we need to consider the competencies they need to achieve that goal. Linguistic competence, while important, is unfortunately no guarantee of one’s ability to understand or communicate in spoken English. When we focus on competencies, we pay attention to what learners are expected to "do" with the language they are learning. For example, the Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) bases its "Can Do" statements on the following sub-categories of communicative competence: linguistic competence, sociolinguistic competence, and pragmatic competence. In this workshop, the presenter will demonstrate how developing specific competencies can result in learners’ increased success in all four skills.


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