Workplace Success

2016年新書推薦~Workplace Success

Workplace Success


CEF Level:A2 / A2-B1 / B1-B2

AuthorsJamie Blackler
PublisherCengage Learning

The Workplace Success series prepares students for working in an English-speaking job environment. All four English skills-reading, listening, speaking and writing are included in each unit. Essential professional English skills are included as well, such as giving presentations, participating in meetings and negotiating. This series will provide learners with the essential tools for working in a globalized world.

The training includes professional English preparation and practice through:

  • Real-world professional simulations and scenarios
  • Extensive grammar sections
  • Negotiating strategies and techniques
  • Review units in TOEIC® Test style

This series is designed to be easy to use for both teachers and students, as all of th exercises are clearly stated in the books.

The functional skills practice sections in each of the units have been prepared to mimic real situations that exist in the professional world.


  • Student Book
  • Audio CD
  • Teacher’s Maanual
  • Test Bank
  • Presentation Tool


ISBN Title Price
9789865632632 Workplace Success (1) with MP3 CD/1片 580
9789865632649 Workplace Success (2) with MP3 CD/1片 580
9789865632656 Workplace Success (3) with MP3 CD/1片 580
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